15 February 2018

Confused and dangerous times.

Over a century ago, the world drifted into World War I. Its terrible slaughter and tragic consequences are with us even today. Intelligent and experienced leaders inched closer and closer to catastrophe with no understanding of the horrors that could be delivered by modern industrial warfare or the hideous Bolsheviks.

The lessons from that time and the ensuing century have been forgotten, if they were ever learned. With the end of the Cold War with a stupid and inhuman Bolshevik regime the veneer of righteousness that Western policies enjoyed evaporated. Political power was handed to pathetic midgets, frat boys, and a most peculiar and evil class of destroyers. The U.S. dog is now obviously wagged by the Israeli tail and, when it is not pursuing Israeli interests in the Middle East, it is scrambling after a dominant position in the world straight out of the dreams and schemes of Brzezinski, the C.F.R., and the MICC (military-industrial-congressional complex) while mewling about our non-existent “democracy,” our “exceptionalism,” and our status as the “indispensable nation.”

Our vaunted Constitution has been reduced to the status of an embarrassing joke whose “true meaning” is announced to us by our corrupt, runaway judiciary. And our culture has been successfully destroyed by massive, wide-open, uncontrolled third-world immigration invasion and a complicit corporate media establishment. The so-called “immigration debate” in the U.S. is “Exhibit A” for the ineptness, dishonesty, and stupidity of the nation’s elites whose only peers in this world are elected with regularity and enthusiasm by other Western voters with only a tiny number of notable and honorable exceptions. The U.S. media are fascinated with trifles and utter fairy tales about human nature and economic reality.

I agree with Professor Steven Cohen that Vladimir Putin is “the most consequential national leader of the 21st century” yet he is treated like some kind of evil dimwit by U.S. elites and their cringing media. By their telling of it, he’s some kind of Stalin fan boy who wants to bring back the Red Army, the KGB, the Gulag, and state pricing of pencils and chickens.

All the while AntiFa scum rule the streets of America in no way inconvenienced by the American law enforcement establishment at any level. Not to mention outright law enforcement cooperation. And, if you can think of some completely asinine to say about marriage, men, economics, law, race, history, or language, you are guaranteed a respectful hearing in just about every American media outlet.

U.S. gift to Syria.
This is the nation that without whose trillion-dollar investment in pointless global chaos the cities of Syria could not have been reduced to rubble and its people slaughtered or scattered to the winds. It’s the nation that can’t find its ass with both hands in the much-abused nation of Syria yet it manufactures lies and opportunities for confrontation with another major nuclear power while the U.S. presence in that country are contrary to the U.S. Constitution and international law. But who cares about that? Certainly not anyone in the U.S. State Department or Trump White House. Zzzzz.

In 1914, the statesmen and rulers of Europe operated in an environment that, in comparison to current U.S. realities, was the essence of rationality. If they couldn’t keep the world from conflagration, what is the likelihood that U.S. “leadership” will not both engineer (1) its own economic and cultural collapse and (2) something far worse than that first European civil war of a century ago. The collective wisdom of the most educated and intelligent people of the United States has failed to avert the cultural and economic catastrophe that is about to break upon us. And in contrast to Putin we have a leader with little more to offer than a visceral (and welcome) patriotism (hitherto in very short supply) and an excellent sense that America's economic domestic and international policies have more often than not ended up with ordinary Americans holding the short end of the stick. God bless Mr. Trump but more than anything else we need leaders of the caliber of Putin and Mr. Orban in Hungary.

Putin – and Bashar al-Assad – stand out as examples of decent and rational leadership. For all the rest, its hard to find leaders in the world who deserve our respect and who respect common sense. The U.S., in particular, has lost what moral authority it may have had from the era of the Cold War and it is playing a key role in ensuring that reckless, stupid, warlike policies are pursued at every opportunity to vindicate not one vital American interest. Not one.

America has become a dangerous and unfunny joke and the next chapter in world history will not be edifying. The end of history? It is to laugh.

Interview of Elijah Magnier by Eva Bartlett.

An interesting look at events in Syria:

I particularly like Mr. Magnier’s take on the phony baloney U.S. “war” on ISIS oil convoys before the Russians arrived and took care of business.

14 February 2018

Taliban letter to Americans.

This deserves to be published as a voice from the other side. I offer it without comment.

Letter of the Islamic Emirate to the American people!

The American people, officials of independent non-governmental organizations and the peace loving Congressmen!

With the hope that you will read this letter prudently and will evaluate the future of American forces and your profit and loss inside Afghanistan in light of the prevailing realities alluded to in the following lines!

The American people!

You realize that your political leadership launched a military invasion of our country 17 years ago. This invasion was not only contrary to the legal and national norms of our own sovereign country but also a violation of all international rules and regulations, but still the following three main points were put forward by your authorities to justify this illegitimate invasion:

  1. Establishing security by eliminating the so called terrorists inside Afghanistan.
  2. Restoring law and order by establishing a legal government.
  3. Eradicating narcotics.
However let us analyze how successful your war-monger leaders were in achieving the above three slogans in this illegitimate war?

Increased insecurity and fighting:

In 2001 when your ex-president George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan, his justification for that felonious act was the elimination the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) and Al-Qaeda.

But despite continuing this bloody war for seventeen years and accepting huge casualties and financial losses, your current president Donald Trump – to continue the illegal 17 year old war in Afghanistan - acknowledged increased insecurity and emergence of multiple groups instead of the single unified Islamic Emirate (Taliban).

13 February 2018

Pearls of expression.

The Dead Sea scrolls were considered authentic until recently when the word "Oldsmobile" was found multiple times in the manuscript.

Sister tika comment on "Israel "Preparing For War In North", Boosts Air Defenses; Warns Iran." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 2/11/18.

10 February 2018

U.S. foreign policy in a nutshell.

In what can only be described as satire in real-life, the U.S. has also echoed the call for a month-long violence-free period in Syria even though they have spent billions of dollars contributing to it.
"Time to Start Paying Attention: The US Just Bombed Russians in Syria." By Darius Shahtahmasebi, Ant-Media, 2/9/18.

08 February 2018

Space X Falcon 9 CRS-11 Launch And Landing.

Pretty neat.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm..

God bless Phillip Parrish.

Phillip Parrish is a candidate for governor in Minnesota, swimming bravely against the Minnesota dhimmi tide.
A long-shot Republican gubernatorial candidate is getting national attention for writing that he does not consider Islam a faith and that it is "the antithesis of the Constitution."

Phillip Parrish, of Kenyon, wrote the comments in an email to Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam founder Regina Mustafa. . . .

* * * *

Mustafa posted the email exchanges on her Facebook page. Since then, Parrish's response has drawn sharp criticism from [so-called] civil rights organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about Parrish's comments on its "Hatewatch" blog. . . .

* * * *

"I see myself as a person attempting to expose those who are attempting to set up rules and laws and regulations contrary to the U.S. Constitution," Parrish said. As a U.S. Naval intelligence officer, he said he has extensive knowledge of Islam.

"It's causing harm to people. Thousands of analysts like myself, thousands of law enforcement specialists have been trying to tell leadership this same message for over 20 years. And no one seems to want to listen or they live in some kind of utopic world of no, people really don't think like that. They don't really mean to cut somebody's hand off because they stole something. They don't really mean to put someone to death because they defiled themselves with an unclean woman. They don't really mean to rape little boys on Thursday night because the imam gave them permission to do that," Parrish said.

Mustafa rejected the idea that her invitation was in any way insincere. She said she is deeply disturbed by Parrish's comments, saying they demonstrate a lack of understanding about Islam. She said Muslims in America have demonstrated a respect for both the U.S. Constitution and their religion and his comments are unfair to the Muslim men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces.[1]

Ms. Mustafa – whose hijab just screams “U.S. citizen” – says “Muslims in America have demonstrated a respect for both the U.S. Constitution and their [own?] religion.” Now that’s what you call a stretcher. Let’s take a quick cruise through some basic doctrines of Islam and dip into current Muslim thinking to get a handle on the deception that this woman is peddling.

First, Muslim law, shariah law, is considered by Muslims to be superior to any manmade law, e.g., the U.S. Constitution. A Muslims who takes the oath of allegiance to the U.S. in any naturalization ceremony or swears elsewhere to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States by definition swears a false oath.

Then there’s the problem of separatism and non-assimilation. Do Muslims want to fit in as loyal citizens of our Constitutional republic?

The former Muslim, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, warned about the Islamicization of Europe, saying it is “a careful and deliberate strategy” planned by the Islamic Council of Europe which instructed Muslims “to get together into viable communities, set up mosques, community centres and Islamic schools. To resist assimilation, they must group themselves geographically in areas of high Muslim concentration. According to Sookhdeo, their ultimate goal is Islamic rule in Europe.”

Mr. Sookhdeo knows what he’s talking about. There are 751 Zones Urbaines Sensibles in greater France – “no go” zones. That isn’t assimilation. That’s a carbuncle. Can I say that? This is a problem in N. America as well.

Underlying this separatism and isolation are basic Muslim beliefs about infidels. The Koran (98:6) calls infidels (kuffar) – that is to say, us chickens – “the most vile of created beings.” The Shia brand of Islam considers infidels as unclean, on the same level as dogs, dead bodies, and excrement. The Koran (9:28) agrees: “Disbelievers are unclean” and (2:10) diseased.

The Koran also commands (9:123 ): “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you” and makes clear (8:59) that “infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.” Three weeks ago, Muslims murdered a man in Sinai for having a cross tattoo. Mission accomplished!

Finally, the Koran’s mandates the murder of Muslim apostates. In 1978, scum-sucking al-Azhr, the Egyptian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, ordered the death of an Egyptian apostate from Islam. Religious fanaticism anyone? First Amendment in the landfill is more like it.

I haven’t even touched on the issues of FGM, slavery, polygamy, and honor killings. Anyone still think that Muslims have demonstrated a respect for our Constitution, our religions, or anything else about us infidels? The "propositional nation" idea is a damn lie but, working with that concept for the next 10 seconds, let's ask just what proposition(s) do plain-vanilla Muslims in America accept?

Mr. Phillips knows what he’s talking about. Bogus hysteria has been the predictable result.

Mustafa is sure right about one thing. Muslims do respect their religion. That's the problem right there in a nutshell. They need to abjure or get out. Steady as she goes isn't an option. You know that's true if you have half a brain and can see five years into the future. Or have been paying attention.

[1] "Candidate under fire for calling Islam 'antithesis of Constitution.'" By Heather J. Carlson, Post-Bulletin, 1/19/18 (emphasis added).

06 February 2018

Charles Hugh Smith on economic fundamentals.

The past 9 years have been one long dead cat bounce of extend and pretend, i.e. do more of what's failed because to even admit the status quo is being undermined by fundamental forces would panic those gorging at the trough of the status quo's lopsided rewards.

This 9-year dead cat bounce was pure speculation driven by cheap central bank credit and liquidity. Demographics, environmental degradation, the decline of middle class security, the erosion of paid work, the bankruptcy of public and private pension plans, the global debt bubble, soaring wealth and income inequality, the corruption of democracy into a pay-to-play bidding war, the destruction of price discovery via market manipulation by those who have turned markets into signaling devices that all is well, the laughable distortion of statistics to mask the real world decline in our purchasing power (inflation is near-zero--really really really), the perverse incentives to leverage up bets in financial instruments that have no connection to the real-world economy--none of these have been addressed in the market melt-up.[1]

There's little evidence that anyone's minding the store. Government "unemployment" statistics are an unfunny joke. The presence of tens of thousands of U.S. factories in China, whom we have strengthened immensely thereby, doesn't seem to perturb anyone, not even unions.

Our higher education institutions fawn over foreigners who must pay the full freight of nation-destroying tuition costs. Young people start their "careers" carrying stupefying debt. Law school tuition for me in the early '70s was $3,000 a year. With my G.I. Bill stipend and active duty service in the Army Reserve during the summers, I graduated owing my sister $1,000 to make it through the last semester. I should pay her back someday.

And the Attorney General of the United States is more worried about pot than crucifying AntiFa scum. Street thugs and attacks on law-abiding citizens just don't concern law enforcement officials at any level of government. And the political establishment attitude toward open borders and nation-destroying, third-world invasion is "ho hum." Yes, that's working great.

I love Smith's "extend and pretend" expression. It succinctly expresses our present game plan. Which includes continuation of our bizarre foreign wars to the tune of $250,000,000 per bleeping day.

Oh well.

[1] "Is the 9-Year Long Dead Cat Bounce Finally Ending?" By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 2/5/18.

Hat tip: ZeroHedge.

01 February 2018

Democracy is dead.

In our one-dollar-one-vote nation living area it is dead. Ours is a mere geographical area peopled by large numbers of disconnected, entitled, rent-seeking pseudo-citizens. Here, as elsewhere in the Western world, the notion that public policy is rational and based on the elites’ principled advancement of the interests of the nation as a whole is passé. The video of the black woman exulting over her Obama pho tells one all one needs to know about the ultimate destination of once vigorous nations that make universal suffrage the Holy Grail of public policy. Give the vote to stupid people! Or, more recently, convicted felons and illegal immigrants! What could go wrong?

The deeply-embedded legal atrocity of affirmative action that advances the interests of recent Nigerian and Mexican immigrants over those of natural born Americans similarly highlights the fatal confusion in a culture hurtling into the depths of anarchy and sought-after, celebrated stupidity.

. . . [T]he world has been following the French Revolution narrative now for two-and-a-quarter centuries, and that narrative has failed because democracy did not deliver a Utopia, but instead a globalist dystopia that erased not just class but heritage, customs, values, and families.

What we call “populism” is the transition between a world order based around the individual as an equal unit in fungible nations to a civilization format based in social order, shared values and heritage, and a virulent realism that rejects the happy clique [collection] of self-reinforcing illusions which is created by the presumption of being “good” that liberal democracy conveys.

For the past two centuries, the West has seen a minority of neurotics in each country seize power on the pretext of making us all “equal,” and then failing to achieve that while steadily grinding away at any kind of social order, hierarchy, or values system. The result has been massively destructive to the point where, while our technology has improved, everything else is in decline.

It took us many years to see Leftism reach its endgame, however. When it became clear that this endgame was a mixed-race world where a few cynical rich manipulators ruled over a vast mass of impoverished people of no clear heritage, and that this transformation was already ruining America and Europe, people started to think more critically about pleasant ideas like diversity, pluralism, and equality.[1]
In the paragraph immediately following this superb passage, Mr. Stevens says that the “rise of the far-Right, who are defined by their nationalism or the idea that a nation is comprised of a single ethnic group, shows that diversity is over.” Well, you can take that to the bank though Stevens is in error to say this is a position taken by the “far-Right.” There’s nothing “far” about it. In fact, the current insanity is what is lunatic and extremist. Leftism with its hostility (1) to the Constitution and the rule of law and (2) to less than totalitarian government is what has brought us to this point. "Neurotics" doesn't begin to describe these freaks.

That’s what you call “far” by any calculation and what Stevens thinks is far-Right is merely the stirring of normal people who never in their wildest dreams considered that putative normal, intelligent, patriotic fellow citizens would deliberately flood their beloved country with hate-filled, indigestible foreigners intent on being parasites and inflicting the worst kind of ignorance and dhimmitude on them. Little were we able to understand that a disease had inflicted millions of our “fellow citizens” with a passion for degradation and suicide. Tucker Carlson has a strong stomach to contend with most of the guests on his TV show but he strips them of all credibility to reveal their stupidity, their mendacity, and their dishonest determination to answer any and every question except the ones Tucker asks.

Righteous anger of long-suffering normal, hard-working patriotic whites is more like what we’re seeing. But the usual semantic nonsense that places National Socialism and fascism on the “far right” has great currency, so don’t be surprised if normal love of one’s own people and homeland is casually dismissed in this way.

Still, Stevens’s point is well taken. Anyone extolling the wonders of diversity is going to be dismissed out of hand for the moron (or demon) he or she is. Everything else in our lunatic culture is but a rear guard action by the left. They promised utopia but delivered open sewers. People are waking up to that tragic reality. Trying to convince normal people about the wonders of diversity is like trying to convince them that what they feel falling on them is actually rain. That's where we are. The ship is taking a long time to turn around, but the rudder's cranking starboard.

[1] "Democracy And Equality Have Fallen." By Brett Stevens, Amerika, 1/30/18 (emphasis added).