21 May 2018

16 May 2018

The anti-American left and us deplorables.

Trump has his eye on the contemporary Left’s extremism, but this is not so much the statist Left that the libertarians oppose, nor the values-and-autonomy Left resisted by the religious Right, but the anti-American Left. This Left plunged its knife into our politics in the 1960s and has been twisting it ever since.

The Old Left had opposed American capitalism, the Progressives had condemned American plutocracy, but not until the ’50s and ’60s did a significant faction of the Left begin to blame the American masses, not the elite, for the country’s sins. The people became the problem. They were racist, materialist, imperialist, sexist, and sexually inhibited, according to the original catalogue of sins; later the phobias were discovered—homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and so forth. Together these comprise pretty much the irredeemable sins Hillary had in mind when she condemned Trump’s voters as deplorable.

I think part of Trump’s apparent lack of a strategic plan is due to the fact that he does not realize that there is such a thing as the anti-American left. He understands that bad decisions have been made on immigration and trade but that this was due to negligence, not pure malevolence and destructive, revolutionary purpose. It is hard for decent people to understand that they are up against pure evil. But that is what we face. What the left has in store for the world is nothing less than the destruction of Western civilization.[1]

[1] "Thinking about Trump." By Charles R. Kesler, Claremont Review of Books, 5/7/18 (emphasis added).

Origin of the “Indispensable Nation” lunacy.

More pointedly, the Indispensable Nation meme originates not in the universal condition of mankind and the nation-states into which it has been partioned, but in the one-time, flukish and historically aberrant circumstances of the 20th century that gave raise to giant totalitarian states in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia, and the resulting mass murder and oppressions which resulted there from.

But as we will outline in greater detail in Part 2, Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany were not coded into the DNA of humanity—a horror always waiting to happen.

To the contrary, they were effectively born and bred in April 1917 when the US entered what was then called the Great War. And it did so for absolutely no reason of homeland security or any principle consistent with the legitimate foreign policy of the American Republic.

So you can put the blame for this monumental error squarely on Thomas Woodrow Wilson——-a megalomaniacal madman who was the very worst President in American history; and who took America into war for the worst possible reason—a vainglorious desire to have a big seat at the post-war peace table in order to remake the world as God had inspired him to redeem it.

* * * *

It [Wilson’s intervention] led to a peace of vengeful victors, triumphant nationalists and avaricious imperialists—-when the war would have otherwise ended in a bedraggled peace of mutually exhausted bankrupts and discredited war parties on both sides. [1]

This is one of Mr. Stockman’s best articles and there’s much more in it than the excerpt above.

[1] "Why The Empire Never Sleeps: The Indispensable Nation Folly." By David Stockman, ZeroHedge, 5/15/18 (formatting removed).

14 May 2018

Chechnya insights and new perspectives.

I can’t begin to interpret the gathering you see and the words you hear in this video. Russians fought a very hard war in Chechnya and it was not one that I followed. Commenter DSCdaP wrote an excellent comment on another video which sheds some light on the subject. It reads in part:
Chechniya used to be a haven for terrorists... after the US smuggled the usual brand of Wahhabi scum into it. A very disorganised Russia barely managed to defeat them for good once Putin came to power. With the help of the current leader Ramzan Kadyrov's father, who switched sides from being a rebel to joining forces with the Russian government to defeat the Wahhabi scum. Also, Chechniya is in fact part of the Russian state, it is an autonomous republic which enjoys a great deal of independence from Moscow, but it is still part of Russia, not its own country. Even though Moscow laid waste to Chechniya because they were so disorganised and ineffective back then, Putin these days enjoys enormous popularity not just with the leadership of Chechniya but with the people as well. Ramzan Kadyrov asked 10000 elite Chechen soldiers to volunteer as Putins personal guard, not to protect the president of Russia mind you, but Putin personally, even if he leaves office, that's how popular Putin is. Putin doesn't acknowledge them to this day, because a personal army would give him way too much power, but 10000 of some of the toughest soldiers of the entire planet, not just Russia, volunteered to be his personal army... let that sink in.[1]
Here's the video:

Those 10,000 troops and police look like some well-trained, professional troops and President Kadyrov is unlike just about any other world leader. The Wikipedia entry for him is very interesting to say the least. Not your Jeffersonian democrat but a man who rose to the top in a rough environment indeed.

Consider all this a glimpse of very different kinds of men with a distinctly different idea of Islam, one with little tolerance for Salfists or adherents to ISIS. It’s a snapshot of a different kind of Muslim and draw your own conclusions. At a minimum, I suspect you will agree that the Muslim of Chechnya is a different breed of cat from those in the Middle East who seem more committed to savagery and stupidity. The interesting aspect of this video is that such loyalty to Russia, not a Muslim entity, is so firm. What was it that Vladimir Putin did to earn it is a question I’ll keep in mind when reading more about this.

The comments on the video are interesting too. The usual low life on YouTube are there but there expressions of affection and respect for the Chehens from Orthodox Christians and one statement by a Christian that they have lived peacefully with Chechens with no problems. I’ll reserve judgment on that latter point. Certainly it contrasts starkly with the general ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East (except in Syria).

As a coda to this, Solzhenitsyn’s discussion of the Chechens in the third volume of his The Gulag Archipelago was fascinating. Chechens in the Soviet GULAG were not messed with by the guards because the Chechens made it a point of exacting revenge for any slight or injury visited on one of their number. They stuck together ferociously which I see as a benefit of being part of a real culture. In defense of American culture I have to say I saw similar reaction on the part of American troops in Nam. In an instant they were ready to go to the rescue of other Americans who had been on board a chopper forced to crash land nearby. They would have done anything to get to those guys and help them, which fortunately proved unnecessary.

While writing this I ran across an earlier post of mine with a video of a Muslim who similarly challenges our perceptions of Muslim thought. Here’s the interview with that gent so no need to click on the link:

This is just extraordinary. If there is any major strength of Islam and Arab culture is most certainly is not self-awareness. He certainly nails the essential failings of Arab Muslim culture but the group think and clinging to useless concepts are just as much defects of our own. We seem possessed of an insufferable arrogance, obsessed as we are by our military strength, our “exceptionalism,” and our apparent divine right to determine how everyone else in the world is supposed to live. Our "Assad the Butcher" fixation is pathetic and a lie.

And this is not to mention our own flight from truth and reason. The propaganda that sluices through American society now is 50 feet deep so we are as deluded and prideful as any salafists. President Trump gets a few things right but neither he nor our political class exert themselves to examine basic principles or have the inclination. Our "sacred" Constitution is nothing more to our political class than a dirty rag. We are a sad, deluded culture where safe spaces, crying boxes, and absurd ideas about the relations between the sexes – and sexual “identity” – are embraced with great energy. We do not pay attention to Solshenitsyn’s injunction to “live not by lies.” "Health care" is right there in the Constitution and America can bypass the U.N. Charter when it's convenient.

I won’t tie a bow on any of this. Suffice it to say that there are some other realities, allegiances, perceptions, and thinking that are out there in the world and I think some of them are more hard-edged, realistic, and honest than what delusions we concern ourselves with. Sensible and formidable people are out there. Read Kadyrov’s Wikipedia entry and ask yourself if this gentleman is likely to tolerate some human foolish enough to step into Chechnya uninvited. We, however, are scared of our own shadow on the border and fold up and slink away if some mothertrucking foreigner or leftist troll screams that we “hate immigrants.” Quote unquote.

A long period of grace is coming to an end for the Western world, controlled as it is by midgets and traitors. The post-WWII paradigm of America as the guardian and lode star for the world is beginning to fade. What the Black Swan event(s) will be is unknown but some hard lessons are about to be taught by some hard people and some harsh realities.

[1] "International Journalist Tells The Truth About Syria." The Jimmy Dore Show, 1/3/18. This is another one of Mr. Dore’s excellent commentaries/interviews on Syria and world affairs. This fellow is sharp as a tack and I recommend his videos to you. So is his guest, Rania Khalek.

13 May 2018


[Tom Englehardt:] “Its [the U.S.’s] national security budget is larger than those of the next eight countries combined…”
[Welsh:] My favourite statistic is to compare the increase in the formal US “defence” budget ($80 billion) for this year with the total Russian defence budget ($46 billion).[1]
The same kind of imbalance was on display this morning of Fox News. Something about the Iranians taking the money Obama returned to them (their money to begin with) and using it to (((increase))) spending on the military.

Again, a puny expenditure by Iran but cause for much contrived hysteria in the American press. I know Iran is THE single greatest threat to world peace in the solar system now that Hillary Clinton has been put out to pasture (pasteurized?) but, really? A relatively tiny expenditure by Iran on its military should be a source of concern?

It's the same with U.S. military bases, installations, and what not around the world. Said to be something on the order of 800 by some accounts. I'm never sure what's counted. Maybe PXs and USO libraries along with tank parks and air bases. Still, the U.S. is right there everywhere you turn around -- on Tierra del Fuego and in Zululand, everywhere except the U.S. border -- and deciding who's been naughty or nice to boot. But Iran, which hasn't invaded any country in, what, 500 years (according to stuff that floats over the internet transom), is ON THE MARCH. It's the Home Guard for me, neighbors!

[1] Comment by Tom Welsh on "The Caliphate of Trump." By Tom Englehardt, The Unz Review, 5/8/18.

12 May 2018

Political poison.

No politician will tell you this, except maybe Rand Paul, and no politician will act on this for damn sure.
It’s also the case that past deficit spending has now caught up with the U.S. The debt-to-GDP ratio is over 105%. Research shows that any debt-to-GDP ratio over 90% results in slower growth instead of faster growth when you pile on more debt. The U.S. is no longer getting any bang for the buck from deficit spending.

We’re just going broke faster.

To sum it up in a few words, what we have is decay, impotence, and dishonesty:
  • Stimulus – useless.
  • Public employees – aristocracy.
  • Public pensions – exemplars of deception, privilege, manipulation, fleecing of the taxpayer.
  • Wars – mysterious objectives, illegal, for the benefit of foreigners.
  • Free speech – dying.
  • Constitution – a joke.
  • Sexual deviance – celebrated.
  • Borders – a joke, porous.
  • Citizenship – worthless.
  • Ballot integrity – for chumps.
  • Foreigners – gift from the gods.
  • Traditional values – gone.
  • Christianity – reviled.
  • Islam – worshiped.
  • Universities -- disgraced.
  • Legacy press -- liars, propaganda whores.
  • AntiFa street thugs – privileged, unmolested.
  • Public security – meaningless.
  • Minority politics -- seething with hatred of whites.
  • Minority crime, destruction, parasitism, self-delusion, arrogance, sense of entitlement -- the stuff of legend.
What politicians are concerned about is giving the president a blank check for war and spineless submission to the money interests. And, or course, more spending.

So, yes, let’s keep spending that $32,000,000 an HOUR for the total cost of our wars since 2011.

That giant sucking sound you hear is America's great promise going down the drain. The lizards and skanks we voted in finally managed to git ‘er dunnnn.

""Going Broke Faster" - Economic Numbers Are Less Than Meets The Eye." By James Rickards, ZeroHedge, 5/12/18 (formatting removed).

St. Obongo.

How did we go from a president who could not tell a lie to politicians who cannot tell the truth?
~ Former NYC mayor, Micheal Bloomberg.[1]

[1] "Billionaire Bloomberg Blasts 'Epidemic Of Dishonesty Since Obama Left.'" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 5/12/18.

11 May 2018

The farce of border enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security released the Southwest Border Migration numbers for April, which reflect a 230 percent increase over the same month last year. That makes April the worst period since President Trump took office. The numbers induced DHS to issue a statement saying it will show "zero tolerance" for adults seeking to cross the border.[1]
Whoa! Zero tolerance. Now we're cross. Absolutely not ONE ILLEGAL MORE than 50,000 per month. We're FED UP!

Even with the Border Patrol supposedly in friendly hands we have a massive increase. Never will the federal government utter the words “stop” or “repel” with respect to immigrants with their backpacks full of cheesy, dishonest claims of persecution or demands to be let in and tolerated because it suits them.

This never was a “nation of immigrants” or a “propositional nation.” And we don’t all swoon over the American “creed” or “dream.” Such notions are crap.

Ninety-eight percent of the populace couldn’t give a halfway decent explanation of the Constitution’s grant of enumerated powers to Congress let alone name three points of the supposed “creed” down before we all bow and over which we swoon and drool. There is no such “creed.” What we have is a Constitution made by, designed for a white, Christian nation of European people with a place for minorities. Nothing in our founding or laws since require whites to turn over our nation to foreigners or to meekly surrender as minorities and foreigners -- and their sellout white political allies -- vote, legislate, and breed themselves into a majority.

However, as a recent Cuban immigrant woman said to her son after escaping from Castro and observing life in America, “I never saw a people more anxious to give away their country.” That was over 50 years ago, long before illegal and legal immigration had reached the crisis proportions of today. She may yet prove those morons right, the ones who constantly mewl about how “exceptional” we are. Exceptionally stupid and exceptionally spinelss, that is.

[1] "Illegal Immigration in April Increased 230% Over Last Year." NumbersUSA, 5/4/18.

Please consider joining NumbersUSA and supporting them financially for all the good work they do on immigration.

09 May 2018

Can we get real for a moment?

Does anyone believe that President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, the "Iran deal") is based on an independent analysis of the interests of the United States? In his announcement of withdrawal, Trump even trotted out the rotting fish story about Iran’s being the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism, an allegation decisively debunked by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Complete presidential presentation now guaranteed to be a travesty of the truth.

Caitlin Johnstone provides needed clarity on this important point:

Do you know who the single biggest donor was to any candidate in the 2016 presidential race?

The largest donor to any campaign was oligarch Sheldon Adelson, who gave $25 million to the Trump campaign, and who in 2013 said that the US should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran.

After his election win, Adelson gave another $5 million to Trump’s inauguration, the largest single presidential inaugural donation ever made. Newt Gingrich, another of the billionaire’s hired politicians, has said that Adelson’s “central value” is Israel.[1]

Adelson is also a veteran of the U.S. Army but has stated that he wishes he had served in the Israeli Defence Forces instead. Can anyone doubt this man’s focus on and allegiance to Israel or that he shares Israel’s obsession with Iran?

To really understand his influence on Republicans consider the phenomenon of the “Adelson primary,” involving the pilgrimage of Republican presidential hopefuls last time around to Las Vegas, there to kiss up to Adelson and try to prove their suitability as a possible American president, namely, to try to prove their willingness to put Israel’s interests above those of the United States.

It seems to be the hallmark of contemporary U.S. (and Western) thinking that the interests of the founding peoples in each place count for nothing. If some name or speech has one of the words “global,” “international,” “diversity,” “partners,” “democracy,” “equality,” "colonialism," "slavery," "capitalism," "climate," "alternative," "sustainable," "Christianity," or “human rights” in it, it’s a sure sign that said peoples are going to skewered and mocked. If some phenomenon involves Israel, you can for damn sure expect to see Israel’s interests advanced and dissenting voices instantly labeled as “anti-Semitic.”

A more disgusting example of the dominance of money in American politics can not be found than Sheldon Adelson, apparently the shadow president of the United States. These times are now like Japan under the shogunate. The emperor was the titular head of the nation but it was the shogun, the military power, who actually ruled. Can we even think about who actually runs our country? The financial power? Thank God for Trump whose failing are many but who has ripped off the scab to expose the rot underneath.

Is the Iran deal the best that could have been negotiated? Does Iran have the ability and opportunity to cheat? Is it just another instance of cowardly politicians kicking the can down the road on an important issue? All worthy questions. As would be the question, What is the status of Israel's nuclear program and why has no one raised any objection to Israel's not being a party to any non-proliferation agreement?

But such questions are irrelevant. Bibi Netanyahu wants us to believe the Iranian nuclear weapons program is alive and well so whatever bad things that can be made to happen to Iran must be made to happen.

[1] "We Are Being Lied To About Yet Another Middle Eastern Country By Yet Another US President." By Caitlin Johnstone, 5/9/18 (formatting removed).

08 May 2018

Sergey Lavorv.

Another attempt of mine to show actual people involved on the world stage just now. Here Mr. Lavrov, the Foreign minister of Russia, fields, in English, questions from an ill-mannered, arrogant twerp of a BBC reporter:

This is an impressive man.