13 December 2017

Pious, gutless suicide.

The Grenfell Tower disaster in London, by contrast [with third-world failure and stupidity], might be called a characteristically First-World horror. It was mass incineration resulting from carefully organized stupidity. At vast expense and as an act of ecological piety, the tower had been wrapped in highly flammable cladding. A lot of brain-power and organization went into turning Grenfell Tower into a disaster waiting-to-happen. In the end, all it took was an exploding freezer. The fire then grew too fast and climbed too high for the stale pale males of the London Fire Brigade to rescue dozens of trapped residents.

[Photo of flaming Grenfell Tower omitted.]

I’d call Grenfell Tower a good metaphor for the Western world as a whole. At vast expense and with conspicuous piety, we are being wrapped in the highly flammable cladding of racial and religious diversity. You can see the chaos of the Third World meeting the careful organization of the First World off the coast of Libya. Criminal gangs push vibrant non-White migrants a short distance out to sea in unseaworthy and dangerously overladen small boats. The vibrant migrants are then picked up by powerful, seaworthy European ships and carried hundreds of miles to Italy, where they begin their new lives as they intend to continue: being fed, clothed, housed and medically tended at enormous expense by European Whites.[1]

The insanity of sluicing millions of third-world into first-world countries is plain. For decades this vicious folly has been pointed out in a host of forums and yet there is no alteration in our insane course. What amounts of money have been paid, how much power and fame have been conveyed and conferred, how much stupidity is there in the human mind, and how much hatred for white Western civilization allows this fatal course to be pursued?

European woman report walking on the streets of Cairo and having their breasts grabbed by Egyptian men yet the misogyny and casual criminality of these men is welcomed in Britain where it flourished into something foul and pestilential in the case of the Rotherham sexual assaults on young British women (with the associated cowardice and malfeasance of the celebrated British police). Would that it were simply High-street titty grabbing.

The same can be said about female genital mutilation – incredibly referred to a “female circumcision” – and honor killings. Welcomed and effectively untouched by political and law enforcement officials. Are there any public warnings on the subject of honor killings? Are there any deportations of the families involved as an in terrorem? No. If there's any reference to the law of any kind it's only with the precious rights of the individual in mind, not the savagery of the complicit group. The deceased victim is deprived of what might be called a fundamental right. Why does the putative armor-clad, immutable "right to remain" take precedence over the right to keep on living? If collective responsibility is an effective method of dealing with savagery (and silent laughter at pathetic Western ways), what is the objection to employing it? It's an inconsequential change to Western life for the elites to upend their nations entirely but comparatively minor facets of our laws are simply untouchable? Really? Historic protections for a homogeneous population cannot be changed in the face of poisonous diversity?

If collective irresponsibility in the form of “family reunification” is the bleeping crown jewel of immigration policy, in the U.S. at least, what’s so terrible about collective responsibility?

Those millions of foreigners who are not parasites claiming unbelievable sums of money and services are direct competitors of white British workers and invariably the latter are driven from the workplace with the connivance or cowardice of employers trembling at the prospect of “discrimination” laws or prosecution for “hate speech” for any words that come within assegai range of stating the simplest and most obvious truths about ways of imported primitives.

As I'm wont to say, "If mass immigration of hostile savages to Western countries is the answer, what the hell was the question?"

[1] "The Pyromaniacs’ Ball: The Grenfell Tower Disaster as a Metaphor for the West." Tobias Langdon, Occidental Observer, 7/5/17.

12 December 2017

A VERY clever take on recent American politics.

In the weeks immediately following the election, the mainstream media inundated liberals with pronouncements of the advent of an “Age of Darkness” and the “Triumph of White Supremacy” over the beneficent values of Globalism.

Yes, it was pretty much the end of everything. America was facing nothing less than a descent into “racial Orwellianism,” “Zionist anti-Semitism,” and “the bottomless pit of Fascism” itself. Liberals, who by then had dispensed with the safety pins, immediately set about terrorizing their children with visions of the impending holocaust, which would be carried out by the genocidal, racist monsters who had voted for Trump.[1]

This excerpt hardly does it justice. Highly recommended. RTWT.

[1] "2017: The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken." By CJ Hopkins, Russia Insider, 12/12/17 (links omitted).

“Just shoot me” Dept.

Headline: Dennis Rodman should be taken seriously as a US peace envoy to North Korea.[1]

[1] Adam Garrie, The Duran, 12/12/17.

11 December 2017

Iran, the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Not so.
Before proceeding further here, however, the statistical falseness of the allegation that Iran is the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism has to be clearly recognized as being the ultimate fact; because, if this entire question — to which Mueller and Comey contributed so importantly to answering by their identifying Iran (and Shia generally) as being precisely that (‘the foremost state sponsor of terrorism’) — can be assessed at all objectively, then the statistical answer to it would certainly be the objective one.

Wikipedia’s article on "Iran and state-sponsored terrorism." says: “According to the Global Terrorism Database, the majority of deaths, more than 94% attributed to Islamic terrorism since 2001, were perpetrated by "Sunni jihadists of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and others. [footnotes omitted]” Only 6% were Shiites, at all — from any country. Similarly, my own independent study of 54 especially prominent global instances of Islamic terrorism was headlined (and reported that) "All Islamic Terrorism Is Perpetrated by Fundamentalist Sunnis, Except Terrorism Against Israel.” (The anti-Israel terrorist instances might constitute the “6%” which was referred to in the Wikipedia article, but that article provided no good link to its source for the “6%” figure.)

So: the basic allegation is false, that Iran is the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism; the general allegation isn’t anywhere near to being true. It’s a lie.

"Here’s why the US spreads falsehoods about Iran. Iran is not sponsoring terrorism, but the US has vested interests in perpetuating lies on the matter." By Eric Zuesse, The Duran, 11/27/17.

09 December 2017

Gen. Flynn.

The real reason that the military/security complex is after Gen. Flynn is that he is the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and he said on a TV news show that the decision by the Obama regime to send ISIS to overthrow Syria was a “willful decision” that went against his recommendation.
"Paul Craig Roberts: America Is 'Walking Into Armageddon'." By Paul Craig Roberts, ZeroHedge, 12/8/17.

06 December 2017

Foreign influence in Washington.

That which must never, ever be discussed.
In any event, the fact is that after what seems like years of accusations, not a single iota of actual evidence has corroborated the charge that the Trump campaign plotted with Putin to deprive Hillary Clinton of her divine right of succession to the Oval Office. The foundational myth upon which the Mueller investigation rests – the idea that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks email dump – was never real, to begin with: the Mueller probe, therefore, once launched, branched out into a more general look at foreign influence on the incoming administration. Which could and should mean that half of Washington will soon be lawyering up. [1]
The Saudis bought off State Department officials with responsibilities pertaining to the Saudi Arabia by letting it be known, shall we say, that after retirement from federal service there might well be lucrative employment opportunities available to “knowledgeable and experienced” (that is to say, cooperative) people (who didn't make waves where Saudi realities are concerned).

It seems to have worked to the benefit of the Saudis as it’s now virtually universally accepted that Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism around the world. Saudi sponsorship of virulent wahhabiism? Nothing to see here, boys. Move along if you please.

[1] "As the Fake ‘Russia-Gate’ Scandal Fades, the Real ‘Israel-Gate’ Scandal Emerges." By Justin Raimondo, Russia Insider, 12/6/17.

04 December 2017

Not with the program.

He just isn't.
And I'm past the point of holding my Senators and representatives up to some absurd moral standard, so Republicans can stop with these insufferable circular firing squads anytime one of their own is found out to be doing something underhanded. I've crossed the Rubicon and take a purely tribal stance with my politics. My only question is, "Will this person actively make my life worse over the next two/four/six years?" If not, and they have an R after their name, then they have my vote. The Left can go [frack] themselves, I'll never consider a single candidate from the Democrat party. By my guess we'll all be shooting at each other in another generation anyways.
Comment by The Jomsviking on "Equality Is a Flesh-Eating Bug Destroying the Tories From the Inside." By Toby Guise, Taki's Magazine, 11/6/17.

03 December 2017

Pearls of expression.

The males of your nations now exist under the constant threat that something they did, or didn't do, thirty or forty years ago will suddenly be 'remembered' by one of your Precious Princesses, and used to effect his destruction. Hordes more then also 'remember' and come forward to deliver 'justice' to the latest Horrible Male.

Over at pseudo-conservative Breitbart, they've been busy trumpeting their 'outrage' at all Those Other Males caught in the latest FeMarxist vise; the authors and commenters are busy high-fiving one another, not to mention the gaggle of thirtysomething females that dominate the, uh, alternative channel, FOX. Appropriately named, at least.

Comment by Ray on "Equality Is a Flesh-Eating Bug Destroying the Tories From the Inside." By Toby Guise, Taki's Magazine, 11/6/17.

Oblivious to the past.

All the histories of Stalinism, the Red Terror, the purges and the New Order; taught us absolutely nothing whatsoever.....


As soon as another self destructive atavistic tyranny showed up, society all bowed down and denounced itself, again. . . .[1]

It’s true. 100,000,000 deaths at the hands of communists – invariably associated with unspeakable ignorance, arrogance, and savagery – and the modern Westerner doesn’t blink an eye. The Very Worst Thing to the cretins pushing the E.U. fiasco was “nationalism.” Yes, K Mart shoppers, nationalism. All the ills of the 20th century were due to nationalism. Totalitarian governments (controlled by moral cretins and ignorant savages) and delusional political and economic thinking? Not so much.

[1] Comment by Wind mills of his mind on "Equality Is a Flesh-Eating Bug Destroying the Tories From the Inside." By Toby Guise, Taki's Magazine, 11/6/17.

Journalistic integrity.

From a very interesting Jack Cashill piece on Project Veritas:
A few months back, CNN's Van Jones told a Project Veritas undercover, "The Russia thing is just a big nothingburger." CNN producer John Bonified elaborated, "I think the president is probably right to say, like, 'Look, you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun; you have no real proof.'"[1]
That would be Van Jones the communist. Now working at CNN having worked previously at the Obama White House. That Van Jones.

PS – Project Veritas needs your support. Please consider helping these people who work hard to expose the sleaze and grime of American politics.

[1] "Not All Stings Work: On the War James O'Keefe Is Winning." By Jack Cashill, American Thinker, 11/30/17.